Paul Glusman, Attorney at Law

How I Practice

My focus is getting the best results for my client.

If that means taking a case to court and trying it I will do that.

First, though I will explore other options. Sometimes a client who has trouble at a job, or who has been forced out of a job by an employer does not want to go to court. In some cases the employer has made a mistake, or there has been a misunderstanding. If the circumstances are right, I will communicate with the employer and try to reach an agreement so that my client is satisfied with the response and does not have to go through the court system.

There are times, before filing a lawsuit, that the employer will want to negotiate a solution. If the situation calls for it, I will explore that option first. Lawsuits can be difficult and expensive, and I will try, if possible to avoid having to file a lawsuit.

But there are other times when litigation – taking a case through a court or arbitration system – cannot be avoided. I will carefully discuss this with the client before proceeding. But when I do proceed I will be aggressive and will use all of the skill and knowledge I have obtained in decades of taking these cases in order to give my client the best chance of getting a just and favorable result.

I have found that in order to get the best results, we must prepare at all times as if the case is going to go to trial. Although many times cases settle before trial, that isn't always so and assuming that any given case will settle is a mistake. Therefore, I will take pains to make sure that any case is ready for trial until there is a settlement or a verdict.

I won't mince words: this is a lot of work. Some of the work needs to be done by the client, because the client has intimate knowledge of what happened in the workplace or what happened while applying for work. If we work together on the case, you will have to be involved in each step of the process. It also will take patience. Because court funding has been cut courts are overwhelmed. It can take a long while for a case to go to trial in California and any client must be prepared to accept that there will be delays simply because we are all standing in line waiting to get into the courthouse.

I cannot give any guarantees on how the case will come out. I can promise to use all of my skill, knowledge, experience, energy and resources to work for the best result and see that justice can be done.